T-SQL coding

Tips and Tricks for SSMS

Today I decided to compile a list of tips and tricks for getting more use out of SSMS.  I have a favorite set of shortcuts and option settings, and I bet you do as well.  But we can all learn something new to help us become better, more efficient developers.  There are many articles out in cyberspace dealing with this subject, so I will just point you to four of my favorites.  Please don’t think that you have to use all of these tips, but read through them and pick out tips that interest you and try them out…you just may surprise yourself and find one or two new techniques to make your job easier. Many of the tips are repeated in the articles below, but there are a number of unique tips in each of the articles to make them all worth reading.


#1 – Samir’s 10 SSMS Tips – If you only have time to read one article, read this one…


#2 – Aaron Bertrand’s SSMS Tips from SQL Tuesday


#3 – 5 Quick Tips – for those without the time to read the longer articles!


#4 – This article contains a few more “advanced” tips to consider…





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